Neo Sports Cricket Club

(Affiliated to Delhi and District-Cricket Association (D.D.C.A.)

Established in 1980, Neo Sports Cricket Club, started with name   National Stadium Cricket Club (NSCC) during its formative days, as it was located at National Stadium initially. Due to legal reasons for using the word ‘National’, which is prohibited under law, the Managing Committee, in its Annual General Committee Meeting held on 25th September 2011, unanimously decided to change the name to Neo Sports Cricket Club.

Continuing the same aim and ethos which went behind its formation, the club represents aspirations of large section of cricket lovers which includes players of eminence, coaches, games organizers and followers of this popular sport. 

The Aims and objectives of the club are :
  • 1. To promote the cause of Cricket and other sports in the NCR of Delhi.
  • 2. To create a platform for promotion of sports, particularly cricket, amongst youngsters and exposure of out-standing talent to international level.
  • 3. To provide, establish, control, and manage club for helping needy sports persons.
  • 4. To organize programs, competition in the field of sports, with special emphasis on cricket and to provide coaching in this Held.
  • 5. To assist in the organization or promotion of inter-state Cricket Association and of the Inter-state Tournaments.
  • 6. To promote and hold either along or jointly with any other Association, Club or person, cricket matches and competitions, to give or contribute toward awards and distinctions and for the purpose, to promote and give support to all activities incidental there to.
  • 7. To establish, promote or assist in establishing and promoting and subscribe to and become a member or affiliate with any other Association or Club whether incorporated or not, whose objects are identical either fully or in part, to the objects of the club, and the establishment or promotion of which may be beneficial to the Club and on a reciprocal basis, may affiliate other clubs.
  • 8. To raise money by way of admission fee, coaching fee, subscriptions, sponsorships, donations etc. and to grant rights and privileges to subscribers.
  • 9. To hire and employ secretaries, clerks, managers, coaches, professionals, umpires, scorers, servants and workmen and to pay them and other persons in return for services rendered to the club.
  • 10. To pay all or any part of the expenses of any match, tour or tournaments.
  • 11. To invest and deal with the moneys of the club not immediately required in such manner as may from time to time be determined.
  • 12. To lend money to such persons, Associations, Foundations and Companies and on such terms and conditions as may seem expedient and beneficial to any of the objects of club.
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental to or conducive for the attainment of the above object.